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What are the causes of transformer overheating alarm in welded wire mesh machine?

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Welding mesh machine is mainly used for welding construction mesh, football field, railways, highways, bridges, buildings, residential areas and other fence nets as well as shelves and storage cages.
Welding mesh machine mainly produces reinforcing steel mesh for concrete pouring in bridges, water conservancy, highways, national key projects, etc. The maximum width of welding mesh can reach 2.5 meters, the maximum length can reach 12 meters, and the welding diameter is 6 mm to 12 mm.
Using synchronous control technology, welding time and separate control welding are managed by industrial computer control system. The control software is based on Windows operating system, man-machine interface, and the operation is more intelligent and humane.
1. Transformer thermistor failure, resulting in false alarm (or inappropriate temperature set by thermal relay). New thermistor components can be replaced for test performance (thermal relay type adjustment or replacement parameters).
2. Overheat protection caused by welding overload or other factors. Welding machines are not allowed to work with diseases, so it is necessary to stop welding and check the cause of overheating. Only then can it be re-welded.
Above are the related matters of the welding machine. I hope it will be helpful to you.
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