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Know how to use the welding machine?

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Know how to use the welded wire mesh machine? Let the small part tell you step by step!
1. Close the power switch of the welding machine to supply power to the welding machine.
2. Whether the pull-net platform is the starting position, if it is the third step operation, if it is not by pressing the "forward" or "backward" button to adjust it to the correct position.
3. Put the "welding net control switch" and "pulling net control switch" board to the key position.
4. Put in the diameter wire.
5. Press the "Open" button to start the spindle motor.
6. Rotate the "speed control" button to turn the machine.
7. The machine turns down the first weft wire, first opens the "welding net control" switch, then opens the "pulling net control" switch, the machine will automatically weld.
Attention: To transfer weft wire into weft wire placement device in time!
8. After welding, the machine will stop automatically.
9. Remove the mesh and penetrate the diameter wire for the next welding mesh.
10. Repeat steps 6-10. Work normally.
Attention: Before the power failure of the welded wire mesh machine, the pulling platform should return to the original pulling position.
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