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Cautions in the Use of Welding Mesh Machine

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At first contact with the steel mesh welding machine, I believe that many friends do not know how to use it? Next edition has sorted out the detailed steps of using the welding machine for you, hoping to help the friends who operate zero basis for the welding machine.
Firstly, the operator must be familiar with the welding principle of the welding machine and the use of each control button, and then do two things:
First, we must read the product instructions carefully. For the operators of the welding machine, it is important to remember that they can not be installed and debugged according to past work experience. Because the production technology, equipment and general framework of the manufacturers of the welding machine are different, the structure and specifications of their products are also different, so we must let the manufacturers install specially. Technicians install and debug the machine, and operate according to the steps above the product instructions to avoid operating errors and economic losses.
2. When people install and debug the machine, they must carefully check whether the parts are intact or not. If they find any problems in the operation of a part, please contact the after-sales service department of the manufacturer in time, so as to avoid all kinds of problems in the process of using the machine. This will cause economic losses.
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