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Brief Analysis on the Application Field of Welded Mesh by the Manufacturer of Welded Mesh Machine

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Welded wire mesh can be made into mesh. The surface disposal of the mesh can choose the technology of dipping or spraying. It can form a protective film on the surface of the welded wire mesh. It can effectively separate the wire from the outside water or other corrosive substances. It can also add useful application time. Spraying technology can make the mesh appearance. Presents different colors, can make the mesh reach the beautiful effect.
The impregnated mesh is used outdoors, usually connected with the post, which can protect against theft. Welded mesh is mainly used in construction projects. It has strong corrosion resistance, uniform mesh holes and strong functions for floor heating in construction industry. Welded mesh construction in construction is convenient to ensure quality. Welded mesh is manufactured in the factory according to the plan drawings and paved on site.
Therefore, compared with the traditional manual binding on site, it can not only ensure the quality of the project, but also shorten the construction period by adding immediate construction progress. Welded mesh is made of high-quality wire, which is welded by automated mechanical welding with strict process. Galvanized mesh is formed and then galvanized (electroplated or hot-dipped); Galvanized wire is made of high-quality galvanized wire by automated mechanical welding with strict process.
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