Mining wire mesh machine
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Automatic mining wire mesh machine

JinLu JLJW series graticule machine is simple, easy to master technology, automatic sewing machine, made out of mesh formation, machine failure less reliable, easy maintenance, suitable for all types of businesses. The aircraft compiled screen for coal Artificial Roof, saving galvanized wire, safety index has reached the national standard, diameter wire as a trace, this network is not easy to pull and so on. China's coal industry has become the focus of the implementation of new technologies.
equipment components : main machine、pay-off stand、electrical box、cutting mesh machine、winding mesh machine  

The main technical parameters:

Machine size


Max weaving width

1m or 1.5mcan by your demand custom-made

Weaving size


Max wire diameter


Min wire diameter




Weaving speed


Machine weight


Work way

Mechanical automatic cutting and automatic winding mesh 

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