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Automatic Hinge Joint Machine (A type )

Kraal fencing mesh machine ,aslo name grassland fencing mesh machine , used for making fencing mesh ,this mesh used for construction of pastoral area , both designated grazing and Sub-fied grazing.It's conveniet for plan and use of grassland resources, and effectively improve the utilization of grassland and grazing effciency ,prevent grassland degradation and protect the natural environment. What is more ,It also applies to agricultural and pastoral specialized householdsin the construction of family farmsto set up border control, farmland sector colum,forest nurseries, closed forest,tourist areas,and studied under zone fence, building site isolation to  maintainance. Grassland fencing mesh is widely used the Americas,Europe to portect the 
ecological balance, prevent mountain landslides, livestock fence ,especially in the rainy mountain 120 Pinckney Long woven net outside sewing a layer of sunscreen to block sediment outflow .
Technical specification :
The wire diameter : 1.8-3.5mm 
Mesh size : by your demand making it . 
weaving width : 1.0-2.0m (can custom-made )
Power : 7.5kw 
production : 1T-2.0T/8 hours 
machine weight : 3.0T 
Machine size : 3500*3500*2700
※ different demand , we can by your demand custom-made machine 
Automatic Fixed Knot Fence machine (for making Deer Fence)
The processing methods of main frame use steel plate welded and assembly . Perforation of steel plate and automatic cutting . Automatic scratch-free wire feeding system(patenes).
Uses :
Grassland construction ,can maintenance and construction grasslands and implements the fixed-point to use pasture resources ,effectively improve the efficiency of grassland utization and grazing ,prevent grassland degradation ,protect the natural environment .
Technical parameters
The wire diameter : 1.8-3.5mm
Width : 2.0M (other width can made-custom)
Mesh size : by your demand made-custom .
Machine size : 4.2m*2.8m*2.7m
Machine weight : 2T

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