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PVC coated wire machine

Pvc coated wire machine using PVC or PE material making coated wire ,mainly used for plasticizing production of metal wire and pipe, such as plasticizing wire, building wire, power cord, computer wire and so on.This unit is suitable for plastic coating of metal wire and core protection production of metal wire.So that polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and other raw materials made of various specifications of plastic-coated silk
Equipment including : pay-off stand , straightening sheft , main machine , main control cabinet , sink , traction machine wire storage racks , winding wire machine , spoling machine 
The main technician information
Control method : electric cabinet 
Coated wire diameter : 0.5-8.0mm 
Temperature control method : 9 phase controlling 
Max extrusion : 110kg/hour 
Screw diameter : 65mm
Heating method : heating circle heating 
Machine speed : max 400 m/min 
Wight : 2800kg

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